Sandman Morpheus Neil Gaiman vinyl decal


Sandman Morpheus – the Endless vinyl decal


Sandman Morpheus

The Endless are a Dream...

The Sandman Morpheus – The Endless. Morpheus (Dream), Delirium, Desire, Destruction, Death, Despair… they are Timeless Siblings.

From the pages of the legendary comic book series, The Sandman, comes one of the Endless – the Sandman himself: Morpheus. With his raven, Matthew,  Morpheus controls the realm of Dream and nightmare. He is a weary traveler across the sands of time and space, and his journey takes him the world over. The new Netflix series is epic – and worth every minute of the 30-year wait!

The denizens of Dream’s realm are as varied as dreams themselves – but among them also walk nightmares of every sort, to shiver the spine. Morpheus is the Sandman – he brings both dream and nightmare alike. 

When Morpheus is captured by a mortal man, he is imprisoned for a hundred years. With the Sandman no longer in control of the Dreaming, people suffer all sorts of maladies, the worst of which is the “sleepy sickness” – a sort of catatonia, in which the person is awake, and aware, but barely.

Fun fact: This was a real occurrence which happened around the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic in the early 20th century.

When Morpheus is finally free, he must embark on a journey to recover the artifacts of his office as King of Dreams. Severely weakened, he realizes that he has invested much of his power in his helm, his ruby, and his sand. He travels to the very edges of what is known – and beyond,  through the very gates of Hell itself, to challenge Lucifer for his lost helm. Once recovered, his artifacts will restore most of his power, and with that, he may be able to repair the Dreaming and return balance to the waking world in the bargain. 

The Sandman, Morpheus, The King of Dreams, Kai’kul, Oneiros – he goes by these names and more. And he will rebuild his realm – or humanity will suffer.

Here’s a fun fact: Sandman #19 contained a story loosely based upon a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was so well received by fans and critics alike that it was nominated for – and won – a Nebula Award (given for best science fiction produced in the United States of America). The literary community was so incensed that this prestigious award was given to a comic book that they passed new rules which disallow that happening, ever again. What a bunch of babies!

Sandman Morpheus is white, no background.

Dimensions: 7.9″h appx, 5.1″w appx

This sticker is bold and beautiful – it’s not just any sticker, because we don’t make ordinary mid-level quality stickerz. This is high performance vinyl that will last up to 10 years outdoors – because we make Bitchen Stickerz!

Sticker is actually a die-cut vinyl decal composed of three layers – the waxy backing, the decal itself, and the transfer tape. Installation instructions are included with every sticker!

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