How Do I Get A Custom Size, Color, or Sticker?

Easy! Just click here for custom orders!

How can I get a Discount Code?

We give you an awesome discount when you choose to join our email list by clicking here! We only send emails to notify you of special sales, and we never spam!

Help! What if Something Goes Wrong With My Sticker?

Just take a picture and send it to us.  We’ll try to figure out what went wrong, and if we can’t fix or replace it, we’ll give you a refund.  Please be nice!

We know things can go wrong even if you try to do everything right. They shouldn’t, but in case they do, let us know and we’ll do our very best to help. The bottom line is that we GUARANTEE that you will have a Bitchen Sticker by the time we’re finished – your fault, our fault, or nobody’s fault. We will replace your sticker and work with you until you have a flawlessly applied decal. There’s no additional charge.

Can I have a different size than what is offered?

Maybe. It depends on the sticker. The more detailed it is, the less likely it can be made in a smaller size.  But you can ALWAYS have a larger size.

What’s the difference in price if I get a larger size?

Usually nominal – making smaller stickers is actually more difficult than larger, but larger ones use more material. In most cases, to go an inch or so larger is only a dollar or two more per sticker.

Can I Get Something Unlike Anything Else You Offer? Cost?

More than likely. We can make all kinds of things, from Wall decals to Vehicle Graphics. If it’s something we can add to our product line (in other words, we think lots of other people would like to buy it), we waive our setup fees. Usually, that means just a slightly higher charge than we would normally ask.

But if it’s completely unique to you, the short answer is yes, but the minimum is $20. Our shop rate is normally $65 per hour, so we feel that’s more than reasonable.