Power Rangers Red Power Ranger Helmet Vinyl Decal


Red Power Ranger Helmet Vinyl Decal



MMPR Red Power Ranger Helmet Vinyl Decal

MMPR Red Power Ranger –  The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers helmet decals look super cool on any dark surface! 

Jason Lee Scott was the original Red Power Ranger and leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Alpha and Zordon chose him because of his good heart, his athletic abilities, and his martial arts skills. Even though Jason seemed like a typical jock, he proved his kindness when he took Billy (who became the Blue Power Ranger) under his wing to teach him martial arts and self defense. Jason wields the power of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, among other superpowers, in his fight against Rita and the Dark Dimension foe, Goldar.

Jason later shared leadership duties with Tommy, the Green Power Ranger (who later became the White Ranger). No matter what the threat was, MMPR Red Power Ranger fought hard to protect those he loved, and those he didn’t even know.

  • Helmet is 5.25″h x 4.13″w – perfect for a car window!
  • Red and White, no background. Must be installed on a dark surface

All of our Power Rangers stickerz are beautiful, bold and long lasting. We use only the highest quality vinyl for our decals, because we only want to make Bitchen Stickerz.

We include detailed installation instructions with every sticker purchase.

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Weight 2 oz

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