MMPR White Power Ranger Gold Tiger Symbol


White Power Ranger Gold Tiger Symbol vinyl decal

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MMPR White Ranger

White Power Ranger Gold Tigerzord Symbol

MMPR White Power Ranger Tigerzord coin symbol

Tommy Oliver started out as the Green Power Ranger, but later became the White Power Ranger, and new leader of the group. The White Power Ranger’s powers were bestowed by the Light of Goodness, and unable to be overtaken by evil. Tommy wields the power of the White Power Ranger Tigerzord through his talking saber Saba.

Fun Fact: Tommy had to battle a clone of himself who was given the power of the Green Power Ranger! He realized that the clone was not evil, but only under an evil wizard’s spell. Once released from the spell, Tommy offered the clone, Tom, the chance to become the new Green Power Ranger, but the clone elected to remain in the past to battle evil there.

  • Sticker is 3.75″w – perfect for a car window!
  • Gold, no background. Should be installed on a dark surface

All of our Power Rangers stickerz are beautiful, bold and long lasting. We use only the highest quality vinyl for our decals, because we only want to make Bitchen Stickerz.

We include detailed installation instructions with every sticker purchase. Read carefully!

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