DC Indigo Tribe War of Light


DC Indigo Tribe vinyl decal


Indigo Tribe vinyl decal

The War of Light reveals the Emotional Spectrum

Indigo Tribe is the light of Compassion. Say your oath and stick your sticker!

“Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur. Natromo faan tornek wot ur. Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur.* Taan lek lek nok – Formorrow Sur!” (Sorry, English translation not available)

The Indigo Tribe is powered by compassion. Very little is known about them, other than that most of them were once criminals who felt remorse for their past actions and compassion for their victims. Indigo-1 is their leader, and their base of operations is the planet Nok, which is also a word used to mean “Compassion be with you.” It turns out that Indigo-1 was Iroque – and she killed the daughter of Abin Sur. In turn, Abin created the very first Indigo ring, which chose Iroque.

Fun Fact: Sinestro was once a member of the Indigo Tribe, and was rescued by Hal Jordan. Sinestro had renounced his leadership of the Yellow Lanterns and returned to the green, but Iroque felt that it wouldn’t last and he would return to his villainous ways. Eventually, she relented and returned him to the Green Lantern Corps.

  • Violet, no background
  • 3.50″ – available in other sizes
  • We offer this sticker in larger sizes as well – $1 per size up (3″, 4″, 5″) – if you want a larger size, Just ask for Custom Order

All of our Emotional Spectrum stickerz are beautiful, bold and long lasting. We use only the highest quality vinyl for our decals, because we only want to make Bitchen Stickerz.

We include detailed installation instructions with every sticker purchase.

Want a larger size? Let us know!

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Green Lantern

1-color Green No Background, 2-color Green on White


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