Aang and Momo Avatar The Last Airbender 2-color vinyl decal


Avatar the Last Airbender – Aang and Momo 2-color vinyl decal

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Aang and Momo

Aang is the last of his kind: an airbender in a world where they have been wiped out by the Fire Kingdom. Avatar the Last Airbender is the classic anime that has risen to great heights and stands as one of the best anime series ever produced.

Aang is the last surviving airbender, and he’s been missing for 100 years.  Because he is the Avatar – the one bender who will be able to master all four elements of earth, air, water, and fire – it is his purpose and destiny to bring balance to the world. But the evil Fire Lord has plans to dominate the entire world, and in the hundred years since the Avatar was last seen, he has come close to doing just that. Aang, Appa, and his friends, Katara and Sokka (and Momo, of course) must not only defend the other kingdoms from the Fire Lord, but  also be watchful – the Fire Lord’s son, Zuko, banished in disgrace, must capture and return the Avatar to his father in order to regain his honor and the right to his throne one day.

Momo is the flying lemur Aang adopted while traveling the world in search of teachers to help him master all four elements

Aang must be mounted on a dark surface because there is no background.

  • 7.75″h x 5.5″w – perfect for a car window, laptop, or tablet!
  • 2 colors – white, lime green, no background

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