AlienCon 2018 T-Shirt

AlienCon 2018 T-shirt in S-XXL; choice of V or Crew neck


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AlienCon 2018 - the T-shirt!

Giorgio Tsoukalous is our favorite Ancient Alien theorist. That's why he's on this shirt!

The Ancient Aliens show is so popular that the Alien Con has become a huge hit across the nation. To commemorate it, we created this awesome T-shirt.

Giorgio Tsoukalos and Erich von Daniken are today’s foremost authorities on ancient astronaut theory.  NASA aliens – UFOs – alien abductions, they are all mysterious, but the History Channel Ancient Aliens show helps us understand what today’s ancient alien theorists have to say on each of these subjects.

The truth is out there.  But unless we ask questions and investigate all possibilities, we won’t find it. Ancient Alien Theory is asking the questions that mainstream science doesn’t. 

T-shirt is black. Brands vary based upon availability, but most often will be Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, or Gildan. Image is White/Silver. Style of neck is subject to availability.

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V or Crew Neck

Crew Neck, V neck

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S, M, L, XL, XXL


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