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Legend of Zelda TriForce vinyl decal

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Legend of Zelda TRIFORCE


The Legend of Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, has been an icon in the gaming world since… well, since gaming began!

The Triforce, also known as the Ultimate Power, is a sacred golden relic left behind by the Golden Goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farone after they finished creating the realm known as Hyrule. The Triforce represents the Ultimate Power in the Legend of Zelda games. It is the balance between the three arms of its power (Wisdom, Power, Courage) which creates that ultimate power. Even though the goddesses created the Triforce, they can never use them. This may be the reason whyl Hylia elected to become mortal. The Triforce image serves as the official crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Fun fact: Hyrule is named for the goddess Hylia, and Zelda is a descendant of her mortal incarnation.

  • Sticker is appx 2.5″h x 5.5″w
  • Gold, no background. Should be installed on a dark surface

All of our Triforce stickerz are beautiful, bold and long lasting. We use only the highest quality vinyl for our decals, because we only want to make Bitchen Stickerz.

We include detailed installation instructions with every sticker purchase. Read carefully!

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